Contact has made our job so much easier especially during the summer storms when our volume of calls increase."
Lisa Owner of a Tree Services Company

Wireless Critical Messaging Upstate NY & Vermont

Contact Paging is a provider of Premium Wireless Messaging Services, including the very best in rural paging coverage in Upstate NY, and Vermont. We also provide advanced messaging services such as HIPAA encrypted alphanumeric paging,  forwarding messages or data to your cell phone and enhanced voice mail. All services are custom designed to meet your critical messaging needs.

Alphanumeric Paging

Our alphanumeric pagers notify you of a new message with an audible or silent vibration alert mode. Your message displays both letters and numbers on the screen allowing you to receive a detailed message. Your alphanumeric message can be sent by any of the following options:

  • HIPAA compliant encrypted alphanumeric paging
  • Internet Paging, Modem Paging, and snpp
  • Email paging and copy to cell
  • Forward voice mail with wav. file to Cell Phone

Numeric Paging

Numeric pagers notify you of a critical message with an audible alert or a silent vibration. These pagers display a numeric message, such as a phone number on the screen. You can also add any of the following options to your numeric pager:

  • Voice Mail
  • Page Save
  • Forward to Cell Phone

Voice Mail

Our voice mail service utilizes your own direct dial number and can be set up to forward messages to your email or smart phone for easy and instant message retrieval.

Paging Phone Number for your Cell Phone

Contact Communications can provide you with a unique phone number for your cell phone that will give callers the option to page or text message you on your cell phone without having to give out your cell phone number.


NOTICE TO NEW AND EXISTING SUBSCRIBERS REGARDING TRANSMISSION OF WIRELESS EMERGENCY ALERTS (Commercial Mobile Alert Service). Contact Communications presently does not transmit wireless emergency alerts (WEA). This notice is required by FCC Rule 47 CFR 10.240 (Commercial Mobile Alert Service). We will continue to research offering this option to our customers and while we are not participating with CMAS at this time, customers will continue to get all their normal critical messages as before and that this in no way impacts their service.