Contact Communications services can be totally customized for your business. Our U.S. based, English speaking operators are specially trained to respond with your individual needs. Here are a few specific business service examples:

Medical/Dental Practices, Veterinary, Hospitals, Clinics, Government Agencies, Law Offices, Schools and Banks

When CONFIDENTIALITY is paramount, Contact Communications is the right choice. We are HIPAA compliant so sensitive information that comes through us meets all medical confidentiality requirements. We offer several different secure message delivery options including encrypted email, Secure Message Delivery to a Smart Phone, and password protected fax to email.

Crisis Help Lines, Funeral Homes Dental/Medical Practices and Veterinary

Our EXPERIENCE with urgent calls sets us apart from our competition. All of our contact center operators are trained to handle sensitive situations - from anxious callers in crisis, to grieving families planning funerals for loved ones, to patients with the urgent need to reach you.

Retail, Event Registration, Appointment Scheduling and Order Entry

We can make your job EASIER by filling out online forms with callers, saving you time and providing a streamlined sign up/order placement experience for your customers. We can also assist in scheduling appointments on your online scheduler or google calendar.

Help Desk, Customer Service and Real Estate Sales

Every growing business, large or small, needs the all-important HELP DESK function to service your customers quickly and accurately. Our live operators can act as traffic cops for your overflow and daily calls, transferring customers to the right department or person without requiring a frustrating voice mail menu.

That potential buyer who wants to see your latest listing NOW will always have a personal and immediate answer.

We can even help with basic customer service functions like resetting passwords online and filling out initial forms so things run more smoothly.

Fuel Delivery, Plumbing - HVAC, Construction and Property Management

Those URGENT situations: a snowstorm, a burst pipe, those “gotta-have-an- answer-now” construction project questions can all be handled with personal attention by our live operators. Let us screen your calls and be sure that the most urgent reach you NOW and the rest are handled without interrupting your day.

Virtual Office

If you are a small business, or just need extra help without taking on the cost of a new employee you can operate like a fully staffed office with our versatile Virtual Office features.

Toll Free Numbers

Looking to expand outside your local market? For large and small businesses alike we can provide TOLL FREE nationwide 800 numbers.